The National Butterfly Center



This is definitely an adventurous tour with a variety of off road terrain, don’t look for paved trails here!  We begin training in front of the Visitor’s Center, getting riders used to the feel of riding through grass and dirt.


Once the tour begins, we make our first stop at the butterfly gardens to see what butterflies we can find, say hello to spike, then move on to ride “The Canopy” checking out the butterfly feeders as we pass by.


The canopy portion of the tour gives each rider practice handling the Segways up and down small slopes before heading off to the big ones!  After the canopy, we cross over the canal to the “Back 70.”  In the Back 70, we check out the development of the Wetlands, and maneuver through the sometimes technically challenging trails, which end with a beautiful view of the Rio Grande River!


Ride length options are 1 or 1.5 hours, not including training.  Tour prices are $65 & $85 per person.

Segway of South Texas and SegValley Tours


2600 Padre Blvd, Unit C

South Padre Island, TX 78597


Phone:  (956)565-2404